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Baluchi (Beluchi)

Learning books and audio material
Elfenbein, J. H.The Baluchi Language$79.95

Persian (Farsi, Dari)

Learning books and audio material
Moshiri; Leila; Rafiee; Abdorreza (Abdi)Colloquial Persian - 2CD$49.00
Moshiri; Leila; Rafiee; Abdorreza (Abdi)Colloquial Persian - Book + 2CD + 2cass Pack
One copy remaining
Moshiri; Leila; Rafiee; Abdorreza (Abdi)Colloquial Persian - Book + 2CD Pack$99.95
Moshiri; Leila; Rafiee; Abdorreza (Abdi)Colloquial Persian - Book
Currently unavailable - awaiting reissue
Moshiri, LeilaColloquial Persian - Book
(Previous edition - one copy remaining)
Farzad, NarguessTeach Yourself Persian (modern) - Book + 2CD Pack$89.95
Farzad, NarguessTeach Yourself Persian (modern) - Book45.95
Farzad, NarguessTeach Yourself Persian (modern) - 2CD55.00
PimsleurPimsleur Basic Farsi (Persian) - 5CD$49.95
PimsleurPimsleur Conversational Farsi (Persian) - 8CD$89.95
PimsleurPimsleur Method: Farsi (Persian) Level I - 16CD$399.95
Mohajer, Simin; Shahegh, Mahvash; Mostowfi, Farima S.Learning Persian: Book One I - Book + 1CD$89.95
EuroTalkTalk Now! Farsi - CD-ROM$59.95
Penton Overseas, Inc.TravelTalk Persian (Farsi) - includes Lonely Planet Phrasebook, audio CD & transcript$29.95
Mladen, Davidovic; Miandji, Anooshirvan M.Beginner's Persian. Paperback$29.95
Wahab, ShaistaHippocrene Beginner's Dari - Book + 1CD Pack$49.95
Penton Overseas, Inc.Accent on Afghanistan: Dari: The Language and Culture of Afghanistan - Booklet + 1CD Pack$59.95
Living Language®Farsi: A Complete Course for Beginners - Book + 6CD$99.95
Educational ServicesLanguage/30 Persian - 2CD + booklet$45.00
Educational ServicesLanguage/30 Persian - 2cass + booklet$49.95
Clarke, H. WilberforceThe Persian Manual: A Pocket Companion Intended to Facilitate the Essential Attainments of Conversing with Fluency (1878)$69.95
Abrahams,SiminModern Persian: A Coursebook$79.95
Stilo, Donald; Talattof, Kamran; Clinton, JeromeModern Persian: Spoken And Written - Volume I$189.95
Stilo, Donald; Talattof, Kamran; Clinton, JeromeModern Persian: Spoken And Written - Volume II$189.95
Elwell-Sutton, Lawrence P.Elementary Persian Grammar$89.95
Mace, JohnPersian Grammar$86.00
Thackston, Wheeler M.An Introduction to Persian: a comprehensive grammar of modern, classical and colloquial Persian$90.95
Ibraheem, Meerza MohammadA Grammar of the Persian Language: To Which Are Subjoined Several Dialogues; With an Alphabetical List of the English and Persian Terms of Grammar (reprint)$59.95
Lambton, Ann K. S.Persian Grammar$130.00
Amuzegar, HooshangA Dictionary of Common Persian and English Verbs: With Persian Synonyms & Examples$59.95
Hopkins, David; Wilkins, CharlesA Vocabulary: Persian, Arabic, and English, Abridged from the Quarto Edition of Richardson's Dictionary (1810)$89.95
Miandji, Anooshirvan M.Hippocrene Concise Dictionary (Persian): Farsi-English / English-Farsi. Paperback$49.95
Haim, ShorterHippocrene Standard Persian Dictionary: Persian-English. Paperback$49.95
Turner, ColinA Thematic Dictionary of Modern Persian$239.95
Gilani, DariushAn English-Persian Dictionary - English-Persian. Romanised (Latin) transliteration and Persian script$69.95
Dehghani, YavarPersian-English English-Persian Learner's Dictionary - English-Persian / Persian-English. Romanised (Latin) transliteration and Persian script$59.95
Fararooy, JamshydPersian Thesaurus - Persian only. Words and Phrases$139.95
Lambton, Ann K. S.Persian Vocabulary$130.00
Awde, Nicholas; Shahribaf, CamillaHippocrene Farsi Dictionary and Phrasebook - English-Farsi / Farsi-English.$29.95
Lonely PlanetLonely Planet Farsi (Persian) Phrasebook$17.95
Research and Education Association Persian Made Nice & Easy$17.95
Awde, Nicholas; Davatolhagh, Saeid; Aziz, SamlHippocrene Dari Dictionary and Phrasebook - English-Dari / Dari-English.$29.95
Idioms, proverbs
Habibian, Simin K.; Khorsandi, Hadi1001 Persian-English Proverbs$39.95
Paczolay, GyulaEuropean Proverbs in 55 Languages with Equivalents in Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Chinese and Japanese$89.95
Children's books, bilingual readers
Behrangi, Samad; Amuzegar, HooshangThe Little Black Fish - paperback. Bilingual in Farsi - English$32.95
Hambleton, Laura; Moosavi, R.Chameleon Races - board book. Bilingual in Farsi - English$29.95
Hambleton, Laura; Moosavi, R.Chameleon Swims - board book. Bilingual in Farsi - English$22.95
Turhan, Sedat; Hagin, SallyMilet Mini Picture Dictionary: English-Farsi - board book$19.95
Haskins, James; Benson, KathleenCount Your Way Through Iran - hardcover$59.95
Horne, Charles F. (ed.)The Ancient Persian Pahlavi Historical Romances$34.95
Pilpay; Eastwick, Edward B. (tr.)The Anvar-I Suhaili or the Lights of Canopus: Being the Persian Version of the Fables of Pilpay$99.95
Hefez; Saberi, Reza (tr.)The Divan of Hefez: A Bilingual Text Persian-English$199.95
Jackson, A. V. Williams (ed.)Early Persian Poetry from the Beginnings Down to the Time of Firdausi$44.95
Saberi, Reza (tr.)A Thousand Years of Persian Rubaiyat: An Anthology of Quatrains from the Tenth to the Twentieth Century Along with the Original Persian - Bilingual in English and Persian$69.95
Rumi, Jalalu'l-Din; Nicholson, Reynold A. (tr.)Selected Poems from the Divan-E Shams-E Tabriz: With the Original Persian on the Facing Page - Bilingual in English and Persian)$39.95
Ayman, LilyA Persian Reader. Persian only$39.95
Haidari, Amir AbbasModern Persian Reader. Persian only$60.95
Thackston, Wheeler M.A Millennium of Classical Persian Poetry: A Guide to the Reading & Understanding of Persian Poetry from the Tenth to the Twentieth Century$74.95


Learning books and audio material
EuroTalkTalk Now! Kurdish - CD-ROM$59.95
Turhan, Sedat; Hagin, SallyMilet Picture Dictionary: Kurdish-English$29.95
Turhan, Sedat; Hagin, SallyMilet Mini Picture Dictionary: Kurdish-English - board book$19.95
Chyet, Michael L.Kurdish-English Dictionary - 896 pages$169.95
Goddard, M.Sorani Dictionary - English-Kurdish / Kurdish-English$96.95

Pashto (Pakhto, Pushto, Pukhto, Pashtoe, Pashtu, Pushtu, Pathani, Pushtoo; also known as Afghan, Afghani or Kabuli)

Learning books and audio material
EuroTalkTalk Now! Learn Pashto - CD-ROM$59.95
Taraki, Noor Mohammed (Pushtu Academy Kabul)English Pushtu Dictionary: The Pushtu Academy's Larger Pushto Dictionary: English-Pashto / Pashto-English (revised, updated & expanded)$169.95
Chand, GhayanThe Modern Pashto Dictionary: English-Pashto / Pashto-English (romanised script)$150.00
Penton OverseasAccent on Afghanistan - Pashto$59.95
Awde, Nicholas; Kuramoto, John; Sarwan, AsmatullahHippocrene Pashto Dictionary and Phrasebook - English-Pashto / Pashto-English.$29.95
Children's Learning
Haskins, James; Benson, KathleenCount Your Way Through Afghanistan. Hb$49.95
Wightwick, JaneYour First 100 Words in Pashto$19.95

Tadzhik (Tajiki, Tajik)

Learning books and audio material
Baizoyev, Azim; Hayward, JohnA Beginner's Guide to Tajiki$89.95
Jilani, JonHippocrene Practical Dictionary: Tajik - Tajik-English / English-Tajik$54.95
Perry, John R.A Tajik Persian Reference Grammar. Hardcover$389.95
Conroy, JosephHippocrene Tajik Phrasebook + Dictionary English-Tajik / Tajik-English$29.95





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